Last to days before flying back to China, we spent in the capital of Ecuador. This time was mostly for visiting and experiencing the local food.

Quito, view from a hotel.
Hand made ceramics, in Quenca, Ecuador.
Food in Quito.
Fruits in a market of Quito.

The new part of Quito is just like most of other cities, nothing really interesting. It is worth to have a walk in the historical part of Quito. We went there.

Quito, historical quoter.
Quito, historical quoter, central place.
Quito, historical quoter.
Quito, historical quoter.

The most obvious tourist attraction is the Cathedral of Quito. It makes impression from the distance because it is so big.

THe cathedralof Quito.

The third floor can be accessed by lift. To get to the top of the tower, you have to take quite a dangerous staircase. One wrong step and you can fall all the way down. However, it is worth to reach the top and admire the view of Quito.

JMW on the top of the cathedral of Quito.
Quito, historical quoter.

Walking through the historical part of Quito is also pleasant. To visit the most interesting places you need about two days.

A wall in the historical pquoter of Quito.



Jose had built a hut for holding healing ceremonies. We gathered there at 8 PM to participate in sacred traditional healing ceremony of the shuar tribe where they use ayahuasca brew. Jose said he prepares ayahuasca according to tradition that was past to him from his grandfather and farther who also were people’s healers (spiritual men, shamans).

JMW painted face for the aya ceremony.
A fruit, natural red paint.
Night fire in the jungle.

Jose allowed me to take one photo of him at the beginning of the ceremony.

Jose at the beginning of aya ceremony.

After introductory teaching he gave us ayahuasca brew to drink. Then he extinguished the last candle and we sat in the darkness of the night, in silence. Not real silence, of course, because the jungle is quite noisy all the time.


Jose proceeded with the ceremony. We heard different sounds that he produced, also his flute play, singing and whistling.

How the healing was experienced by the participants? Well, every one of them could probably write a book about their deep body cleansing and psychic work that they did in that night. As for me, it was the strongest body cleansing and healing I ever experienced in aya ceremony. Lasted for me quite long, till the late afternoon. However, later I felt my body well. We went to eat our dinner, traditional food of the local people.

Next morning we ate our last jungle breakfast before leaving to Banos


Fortunately, earlier we bought mud boots so that we could save our legs and shoes. The jungle is wet, the soil soft and there is a lot of mud there; not to mention many small organisms like millions of bugs which might like to enter your shoes, or sometimes snakes.

We started around 10 AM and returned after 5 PM. Marco was our guide and teacher. While walking to our destination, that was a waterfall, Marco stopped many times to teach us about some wonderful trees, plants, fruits etc. Jungle is the best equipped natural medicine place on Earth; it has all the medicines that man would ever need. They are miraculously efficient and, of course, all for free. When going into the jungle, you also do not need to take food or drink, all is there waiting for you, the best quality. When hungry, look around and then take what you like to eat, all for free. That is called natural food, things that normally is completely unavailable in cities.

Fruits, free jungle food.
Marco, our jungle guide.
Jungle fungus.
JMW in large tree roots.
JMW with 500 years old tree.

As Marco taught us, jungle has also all the other resources and solutions that man needs to live healthy and comfortable life. You cannot imagine what that means unless you experience jungle life for yourself. Of course, what is important, you must have the jungle knowhow .

Just two hours of learning with Marco, while walking through the jungle, made us wondered at the power of the Paradise. Yes, this is the right term ‘Paradise’ it is the other name of what we call nature. Jungle is a piece of nature. People living in the cities ( = ‘hell’), have little idea about the powers of the Paradise.

Powerful cleansing plant.

I suggest you take a jungle lesson at least once.

JMW in the jungle.

At the end of the walking path there was a small area with two buildings. Those who would like to stay in a solitude for some time, can come there.

House in the jungle.

In that place, Marco prepared for us what I call ‘jungle tobacco wood juice’. Earlier, he scraped some wood from a jungle plant. We snorkeled the juice deeply. That was strong! We felt the juice to enter deeply into the head, as if it would reach the inner brain. A lot of tears and nose mucus flew out. Strong, deep sensation all over the head especially in the nose, eyes and ears.
However, a few minutes latter, as the result of that deep cleansing, we felt the final effect that is clearer working senses. So simple natural healing/cleansing procedure gives you so good result.

Next, we descended to the destination of our jungle walk, the waterfall. We enjoyed the natural shower and bath in the very energized water.

Descending to the water fall.
Bathing in the jungle water fall.

We were all tired after spending more than 5 hours in the natural forest. We take shower and slept in order to prepare better for the evening healing ceremony.


We hired a van and left Ayampe heading to Puyo but our destination was about 120 km from Puyo, the place where the Shuar Tribe (community) lives. It was a long journey, we stopped several times so arrived very late at night.

River on the way to Arutam.
On the way to Arutam.

Jose, the tribe’s Uwishin (spiritual man, shaman), and his friends warmly greeted us and helped us with the luggage to climb to their houses, were Jose accommodated us. All the houses there were built from jungle trees and bamboo. We were in the jungle, not far from the road. Although the accommodation conditions were very simple, we felt quite well during the entire stay.
There was no electricity, no hot water and, of course, no WiFi, so we could rest very well.

Jose, the tribe Uwishim.
Our accommodation in the Shuar community.

Although it was close to 2 AM, Jose invited us to eat their local meal, quite large. He said that from the morning we should not eat because in the evening we will participate in the sacred ayahuasca healing ceremony.

The entire package of our 3 nights two days staying with that community included, besides accommodation and food, jungle lesson while walking to the waterfall, ayahuasca healing ceremony, flower bath and drinking purgative herbal tea with the tribe members at 3 AM morning. We decided not to participate in the last part because in the morning we had to travel to Banos.

Hand made products and jungle products made by Shuar people.

Visiting 游 Montañita.

Montañita Ayampe 地区的主要旅游城市,以其美丽的长长的海滩而闻名。我们今天到这个城市来,是因为Yash要看牙。
Montañita is a major tourist city in the area of Ayampe, known for its nice, long beach. We visited this city today because Yash had to visit a dentist.

The main road of the city contains all that tourists would usually need, that is many hotels, shops and restaurants.


I went to one of those many restaurants. The owner was a nice smiling ,am, made very fresh food for me. The fish, from the local fishermen, was also fresh and well prepared.

JMW eating in Montañita.
魏鼎吃在Montañita  JMW eating in Montañita.

AYAMPE(阿杨佩)之旅 Trip to AYAMPE

TAME (the oldest air line of Ecuador), canceled (they do it quite often) our light to Guayaquil on the 2nd of February, so we changed to the next day flight with connection in Quito.


23日,我们打车去洛哈机场,飞往基多,转机,飞往瓜亚基尔,坐巴士到 Olon,最后打车到 Ayampe Finca Punta 旅馆。
On the 3rd of February we took a taxi to the Loha airport, flew to Quito, changed the plane, flew to Guayaquil, took a bus to Olon and finally took a taxi to Finca Punta lodge in Ayampe.

从洛哈到基多的飞机上看去  View from the air plane Loha to Quito.

The sky over Ecuador is beautiful when looked from the airplane.


While traveling on the bus you can see the life of the people along the bus route.

在去Olon的路上有人在摆摊。 People selling goods on the road to Olon.

我们一到Finca Punta,就坐在阳台上看海。
Once we arrived in Finca Punta, we sat on the terrace a look at the sea.

影片播放器  Finca Punto Terrace.
Finca Punta望去  View from Finca PUnta.

Ayampe是紧靠海湾路15号的一个村庄,在洛佩兹港 (Puerto Lopez) 和蒙塔尼塔(Montañita)之间。Ayampe 以其海岸及大自然而闻名。
Ayampe is a village on the coast way no 15, between Puerto Lopez and Montañita.  Ayampe is known for its coast and nature.

海滩 Ayampe beach.


我搬到了长寿谷的MADRE TIERRA旅馆(www.madretierra.com.ec)。这是我们计划举办高阶研讨会的地方。
I moved to Madre Tierra hotel in Vilcabamba
the place where we are planning to hold the advanced seminars.

Madre Tierra is situated in the forest on a hill, just a few minutes drive from the city center. Very nice place, well designed and built.

MadreTierra reception.

You live in a comfortable room and are surrounded by trees. You feel like in the forest because the sounds of nature are with you all the time.

MadreTierra walk.
MadreTierra room terrace.

There is a small but very nice designed swimming pool here.

MadreTierra swimming pool from above.
MadreTierra swimming pool.

You can can enjoy like I did 🙂

JMW enjoying Madre Tierra’s pool.

You can also just sit in front of your room and enjoy the view.


A view from Madre Tierra.

Victor and Yash came here. We met Peter, the owner of the hotel, and then together we looked for the most suitable place to hold the ceremonies. We found the perfect spot.

Me, Peter, Yash, Victor.
The view from the ceremony spot.

In the hotel area itself, there is also nicely arranged conference room, where seminar lessons will be held.

Conference Room outside.
Conference Room inside.

Madre Tierra还有Spa
There is also Spa at Madre Tierra.

Spa at Madre Tierra.

对于即将在厄瓜多尔举办的高阶研讨会,长寿谷Madre Tierra旅馆看来是完美的选择。我们不久会在那里见面,或者一同前往的。
For holding the advanced seminar in Ecuador, the Madre Tierra hotel in Vilcabamba looks to be the perfect place. Let us meet there or go there together soon.


Today Victor drove us to his home again, where we participated in aya preparation ceremony.


Ayahuasca (or several other names) basically is a name of a brew made from jungle plants. It has been one of the most important natural medicines widely used in South America.
It can remove most parasites and molds from the body therefore has a deep body cleansing/healing effect. It also helps an individual to efficiently solve psychical problems.
Ayahuasca is applied by local people’s healer that can be called curandero, yerbatero or taita.

Our taita Victor and his friend (even more experienced taita) invited me to participate in the ceremony of ayahuasca preparation. As they believe, this efficient natural medicine has to be properly prepared according to the healing tradition of jungle people’s . If you want to apply it for yourself safely, you are advised to find trust-able, qualified people’s healer like thaita Victor or his friend.

JMW with the Taitas.
JMW with the Taitas.

We went to Victor’s house in the mountain. The entire procedure takes many hours, could be even entire day and night. First the prepared a table with all what they need during the preparation ceremony.

Aya preparation table.
Aya preparation table.

While they proceeded. I stayed with them about six hour and took the pictures, short videos during that time.

Taitas dancing.
Taitas dancing.
Taita Rodrigues dancing.
Taita Rodrigues dancing.

When I left, they still had to continue for hours before the medicine was ready for use in ayahuasca ceremonies.


This morning I went to the Sunday market in the center or Vilcabamba. This is the place where people, on the weekend, from surrounding places come to sell the own products, usually food or handcraft. The market is small so just a few minutes are enough to see what they sell here. I did not find anything really interesting.

JMW at the Vilcabamba market.
JMW at the Vilcabamba market.
JMW and Yash at the Vilcabamba market.
JMW and Yash at the Vilcabamba market.

I went to one of the many small restaurants in the city center to eat the lunch, before returning to the hotel to work.

JMW before a small restaurant.
JMW before a small restaurant.

Tomorrow we are going to a secret ceremony place in the mountains around here.


San Pedro is a cactus well known in South America for its healing proprieties. It heals human body and helps to remove psychic problems.

This morning we went to a solitude place on a hill near Vilcabamba to drink San Pedro for self-healing.


This time our ceremony guide was Carolina. For the preparation, she first made an offering.


I am preparing the healing drink for consumption.

JMW prepares San Pedro drink.
JMW prepares San Pedro drink.


During the ceremony Carolina sang songs.


A few hour later we left the hills.


Victor is a ‘daita’ which can be translated as father; leader of a community, or ayahuasca doctor. Local people’s doctor like Victor are also called curandero or yerbatero. The common think that they share is their deep knowledge about efficient curing people by using plants and powers of nature.

Victor, taita in Vilcabamba.
Victor, taita in Vilcabamba.
Victor with JMW
Victor with JMW

When my friend wounded his finger, Victor quickly found a right plant and helped Yash.


We asked Victor to perform ayahuasce healing ceremony for us. He said that he is not willing to perform that  just because people ask him. He does it only when the patient really needs that powerful healing. However, after long explanation I convinced him to perform the sacred healing aya ceremony for us.

ceremony fire
ceremony fire

Victor did not allow us to record the ceremony. I did not ask him why but I am believe that he does not want to be famous or do the ceremony for fun and he does not want too many people know about his extraordinary way of efficient body and psyche curing people.


Victor (our daita’s name) invited us for a walk in his land. He proposed that we go down the hill, from his house.

After about 20 min. of walking we reached an interesting spot. While approaching it I could feel that it is a sacred place. Victor confirmed; he said that he does healing ceremonies here.

Sacred place in Victor's land.
Sacred place in Victor’s land.

We continued our walking down the hill.

Walking in Victor's land.
Walking in Victor’s land.

At the bottom of the hill, there is a nice waterfall, another place where Victor performs healing ceremonies. I washed my face there.

Waterfall in Victor's land.
Waterfall in Victor’s land.

Victor played his magical flute at the waterfall.

Then we continued to another place, a spot of local energy.

Walking to an energy spot at the river.
Walking to an energy spot at the river.

Altogether it took us about 4 hours. We went back quite tired and sweating.
Having came back to the hotel, we rested a few hours. Later, afternoon Victor picked us up to go to the sacred place in his land where at night he performed healing ritual for us.


对于南美洲当地的疗愈者或自然疗愈医生来说,萨满这个名字其实是一种误称。他们被称作巫医(curandero, yerbatero或医生(medicine man)。至于我们的巫医维克多,我问他,他想让我们怎么称呼他,他说他是Taita(父亲,导师,团体灵性导师,或死藤水医生)。
‘Shaman’ is quite misleading name for local healers or natural doctors in South America. They are  called curandero, yerbatero or medicine man. Victor, our curandero, when I ask him how he wants to be addressed, said that he is ‘taita’ (father, guide, spiritual leader of a community, or ayahuasca doctor)).

When we met him, in his fruit shop in the town, he invited us to visit his house in the local mountain.

taita's house n the mountain.
taita’s house n the mountain.

His house is on the top on one of a hill surrounded by mountains.

Mountains around the house.
Mountains around the house.

In the evening we sat around the fire and talked, listened to his flute, drank his herbal tea, learned from him about traditional South American healing, etc.


Taita invited us to visit sacred places in his land. He perform healing rituals in the places.

We went to sleep late at night, in a tent. The night was cold, windy and raining, so I could not sleep well. However, in the morning I felt quite energized because the life energy flow in that area quickly regenerates the body.





Vilcabamba is a typical small town situated in a valley of the Andes, south of Ecuador.


Many foreigners chose Vilcabamba as their residence. They like the sourranding here and free life style. I met Yash to discuss with him our cooperation about taking care of Chinese groups coming to Vilcabamba.

Yash my friend in Vilcabamba.
Yash my friend in Vilcabamba.

 Having drunk some Ecuadorian coffee and eaten local cookies, we went to local famous vegan restaurant.

Vilcabamba vegetarian restaurant
Vilcabamba vegetarian restaurant

Yash took me for a walk in the city surrounding.

Vilcabamba walking outside
Vilcabamba walking outside

There are lodges around, just in the forest.

Vilcabamba, a lodge in the forest.
Vilcabamba, a lodge in the forest.

Look at the shower outside of a living room in that lodge:

Vilcabamba, lodge, shower.
Vilcabamba, lodge, shower.

周遭的植物。Plants around.

Vilcabamba, plants.
Vilcabamba, plants around.

In the evening we went to meet local shaman. This is where the story starts to become more interesting.



Next day I took a domestic flight (operated by the Ecuadorian air line company Tame) to Loha.

Quito air port domestic departures.
Quito air port domestic departures.

In my opinion, not many airports are so nicely arranged. I had kind of a home feeling. Even at the security procedures they do not insist on not taking liquids, so I could have my half litre bottle full of warm tea that I prepared before.

I also like the interior of this airport.

Qito air port domestic area.
Qito air port domestic area.
Quito air port inside.
Quito air port inside.
Qito air port domestic area.
Qito air port domestic area.

The flight from Quito to Loha was an interesting experience, because of the entire rote going over the mountains. Although, if you do not like a lot of intensive shaking, you may not appreciate the flight. Rather focus, as I did, on the beautiful scenery below the air plane.

Scenery of the flight from Quito to Loha.
Scenery of the flight from Quito to Loha.
Scenery of the flight from Quito to Loha.
Scenery of the flight from Quito to Loha.

After an hour we could walk out of the plane. The air port is so small that the passenger just walk between the terminal and plane. Nice while walking you can admire the nice view around and enjoy the nice, warm weather.

Walking from the plane to the terminal at Loha air port.
Walking from the plane to the terminal at Loha air port.

A friend, taxi driver, was waiting for me. After the warm greetings I could enjoy his craze drive on the mountain road :).

After 80 min. we reached Vilcabamba. I chose to stay in a small hotel. In fact, it is a big family house changed to a hotel. Very helpful hotel owner. I felt as if I was living in friend’s house. Although I do not speak Spanish, so our communication was very limited 🙂

The road in front of the Garden House hotel in Vilcabamba.
The road in front of the Garden House hotel in Vilcabamba.
Garden House hotel in Vilcabamba.
Garden House hotel in Vilcabamba.
Garden House hotel in Vilcabamba. inside
Garden House hotel in Vilcabamba. inside
Garden House hotel in Vilcabamba. inside
Garden House hotel in Vilcabamba. inside

I meet friends, talk a lot with the local curandero (shaman) eat dinner, etc. It is late now, I am tired, going to sleep. Enough for today.


On the 22nd of January, starting at 00:05 hours, China Southern Airline flew me from Guangzhou to Amsterdam, over 12 hours flight.

In the Amsterdam huge airport just four hour of waiting. Then I boarded KLM flight to Quito.

KLM flight KL0758 from Amsterdam to Quito.
KLM flight KL0758 from Amsterdam to Quito.
KLM airplane to fly to Quito
KLM airplane to fly to Quito

I am not a fan of long flights, fortunately I could sleep for some time. 12 hours in relatively comfortable air plane seat and I am in Quito.



Small airport, simple and quick procedures, and I am going to the Wyndham Airport hotel. Just opposite of the main airport building there is a shopping and restaurant centre. You can buy a SIM card there. I saw one for 25$, 30 days, 4GB of Internet data and 75 minutes of calling, only Ecuador.

Quito Airport Shopping Centre
Quito Airport Shopping Centre

If you like to give your body some physical exercises after flying for almost 30 hours, you could take a walk to the Wyndham hotel. However, if you prefer the free shuttle bus, it is there every half an hour. In a few minutes you are in the hotel. It was evening when I reach the hotel.

Quito airport Wyndham Hotel.
Quito airport Wyndham Hotel.

If you walk yourself without any luggage, it takes 10 to 15 minutes, it’s about 700 m.

Quito airport Wyndham Hotel.
Quito airport Wyndham Hotel.

Happy to enter to take a shower and a good sleep.

Wyndham hotel entrance.
Wyndham hotel entrance.
Wyndham hotel inside.
Wyndham hotel inside.
Wyndham hotel inside.
Wyndham hotel inside.
Wyndham hotel inside.
Wyndham hotel inside.

I eat their nice local food and drink some very good taste read wine for body relaxation and a sound sleep.

WYndham's food on the 4th level, business section.
WYndham’s food on the 4th level, business section.



Next afternoon I fly to Loha, then take a taxi to the first destination in Ecuador, Vilcabamba, the Valey of Long Living People.




This blog presents my research trip to Ecuador,
20180122 — 20180217,
in order to prepare this advanced seminarNatural State of Man, Returning to Nature for Healing, Ecuador.

I first post in English, next day I update with Chinese translation.